Rental Insurance Basics for College Grads

Whether you’ve just graduated from college or are the parent of a recent college grad, here’s a fact you need to know: only 37 percent of today’s renters have rental insurance. This means millions are only one fire, natural disaster or burglary away from the financial losses renters insurance was created to protect them from.

Why do they take this unnecessary risk? It’s possibly because they are misinformed or otherwise unknowledgeable about this valuable insurance product. Consider the following rental insurance myths and the basics every renter needs to know.

Myth: I don’t need insurance because my landlord has insurance.

This is a common misconception, and many renters have paid its price. While your landlord’s insurance policies cover the building and any unattached property he or she has stored there, they do not cover your belongings. Should they be stolen or destroyed by a fire, hurricane or tornado, you’ll have to replace them yourself. You’re also liable for your own temporary living expenses if the building is deemed uninhabitable.

Myth: I don’t own anything important so insurance isn’t worth it.

This statement is rarely true, and a look around your home is all you need to prove it false. Just imagine what it would cost to replace your computer, television, stereo, electronics, books, movies, furniture, clothing and other belongings. Even buying used, you’re talking about thousands of dollars. Additionally, rental insurance includes liability protection against lawsuits should a visitor become injured while at your home.

Myth: Rental insurance is too expensive.

Again, this statement is false. Renter’s insurance—and homeowner’s insurance—policies are surprisingly affordable. Depending on the amount of coverage you purchase, premiums can be as low as few hundred dollars a year, or less than $20 a month. Talk to your insurance agent about the amount of rental insurance you need and current rates in your state.

Myth: Rental insurance is too confusing.

Understanding most insurance products does take a little time—but it’s always easier with the help of an insurance agent. Give us a call to learn more about rental insurance variables including actual cost versus replacement value, deductibles and policy add-ons (such as floaters to cover valuables above the coverage limits of a standard policy) available to you. We can provide you with quotes from a number of insurers and may even be able to get you a discount.

Whether you’re purchasing rental insurance for yourself or your college graduate, we’re here to help make sure you’re protected from losses due to fire, smoke, lightning, explosions, windstorms, vandalism and theft. Give us a call today.